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cut-e scales cls

cut-e scales cls (role discovery and interrelationships) is an inductive-logical test. This is a 12-minute test, with a total of 12 diagrams.

Introducing the test

In this cut-e/Aon test, six diagrams are presented per exercise, each one containing combinations of numbers and/or letters and marked by a color according to the category to which it belongs: grey (above the diagram) or green (below the diagram).

cut-e scales cls Practice Test

Exclusively, we have created a unique test simulation for discovering the roles and interrelationships of cut-e.


  • Complete 12-minute, 24-minute or 36-minutes simulation (17, 29 or 41-minutes with instructions).
  • 12, 24 or 36 questions of inductive-logical reasoning in the style of cut-e scales cls.
  • Print PDF format available with full detailled explanations.
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What is the purpose of the exercise?

Your task is to understand and analyze the rules and relationships that govern them in order to attribute to new diagrams their belonging to one of the categories. Indeed, all diagrams in the same category have a common denominator regarding the combination of numbers and letters, which you must discover.

Below each exercise you can find four additional diagrams. Your task is to decide which category each of these diagrams belongs to. You must then assign each diagram to its category by choosing the appropriate color and coloring the circle grey or green (above or below the diagram).

Good to know

The first six diagrams usually appear in a random order, not according to their category. This makes it more difficult for you to mentally separate one category of diagrams from the other and to determine the rule to which each category adheres. Unlike our practice test, in the actual test, you will be able to move the diagrams and rearrange them so that each category is grouped together.

You have 12 minutes to solve all 12 exercises, one minute per exercise. You can go back to the diagrams you've already solved throughout the test.

As with the rest of our preparation, we recommend you to work with a stopwatch so that you can train in conditions similar to the original test.


Sample cut-e scales cls question with answer and explanation
Screenshot from our cut-e scales cls PDF practice test


Answer and explanation

In this example, it is possible to distinguish very quickly that the green category diagrams all have an X in the center. This information is sufficient to separate the two categories and thus resolve the exercise.

So, the correct answer is:

Answer to the free cut-e scales cls sample

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