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Crossover is an international recruitment platform with presence in 131 countries and founded in 2014. Crossover's aim is to recruit qualified individuals from around the world and to connect them with suitable companies looking to recruit. The offered jobs are always long-term, high-paying and full-time. Crossover also provides online management tools to manage the different aspects of teleworking, such as the WorkSmart management tool. Nowadays Crossover has more than 3,500 employees worldwide.

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Crossover CCAT Practice Test

Exclusively, we have created the only CCAT simulation practice test for Crossover For Work.


  • Complete 15-minute simulation per test.
  • A total of 150 questions (50 questions per test).
  • A sample CCAT profile report.
  • Complete guides including answers and tips for each section.
  • Exercises including all the different types of verbal reasoning questions as seen in the CCAT.
  • Exercises including all the different types of numerical reasoning questions as seen in the CCAT.
  • Exercises including all the different types of spatial reasoning questions as seen in the CCAT.
  • Print PDF format available with full explanations.
  • Learn more.

The Crossover recruitment process

The Crossover recruitment process takes between one and three weeks and consists of five steps, all online. 

Step 1: Basic Fit Questions (BFQ)

The first step consists of a questionnaire to be completed in relation to the candidate's profile, CV and professional experience.

Step 2: CCAT Test

The second step is to pass the CCAT, Criteria's Cognitive Aptitude Test. For more information regarding this test, free examples with detailed explanations and a complete preparation, please visit the dedicated page.

Step 3: English Test

The third step consists of a short, recorded audio English test lasting a few minutes to assess the candidate's communication skills and overall level in the English language.

Step 4: Subject Matter Expert Questions (SMQ)

The fourth step tests the expertise and knowledge in the field for which the candidate is applying. It can be a questionnaire, a test, or a short assignment to be completed, depending on the knowledge required.

Step 5: Free Response Questions (FRQ)

The last step is a test or assessment to test the technical skills and knowledge of the candidates in a real-life scenario. This is usually a quick project to be completed within a given time frame, such as creating a specific code in the case of a candidate applying for a position as software engineer.

If the candidate's profile is retained until the end of these five steps, two different outcomes may follow. The candidate can either be directly offered the position and join Crossover, or he/she can join the Crossover MarketPlace. In this case, the candidate's profile will be browsed by the companies working with Crossover, in order for him/her to be offered an online interview if the profile fits to any of the available positions. As a result, and If the online interview is successful, the candidate may be granted a full-time position.

Another possibility is that directly after passing the five recruitment stages, the candidate will be sent to a one-month training course, which is fully paid and after which the candidate will be hired directly as a Crossover employee.

Why Work with Crossover?

Crossover offers the opportunity to candidates from all over the world searching for opportunities within technical jobs to work for highly recognized international companies. Only candidates with the best profiles are recruited. For this reason, salaries at Crossover are generally higher than in local companies.

When working with Crossover, the candidate is independent and works from home, usually for a company located in another country. Their professional status is that of a self-employed person in their own country, not an employee, which means that they must manage their own taxes and insurance according to the rules in force in their country.

What Is WorkSmart?

WorkSmart is a telework management tool created by Crossover which brings complete transparency to employees and employers working from home. Here are some of the actions carried out by this tool.

  • Recording of actual working hours.
  • Activating the employee's webcam and taking random screenshots during working hours.
  • Analysis of the progress of ongoing projects.
  • Etc.

This tool provides total trust between the employer and the employee and thus prevents fraud. It allows you to have a complete account of your work and your progress within your projects.

How to Get Hired at Crossover?

Only a very low percentage of candidates are recruited at Crossover and therefore, in order to increase your chances of success, you must prove your quality as a collaborator. To do this it is important for you to obtain a very high score on the CCAT test in step 2 of the recruitment process, and thus guarantee your passage to step 3 and your overall chances of being recruited. It has been proven that prior knowledge of the type of questions on the test, as well as the use of a simulation, results in a higher CCAT score.

For more information, find our simulation identical to the CCAT on the dedicated page.