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From CCAT to WMTA, Criteria is one of the world's leading providers of pre-employment testing services. With a customer base of 3,000 companies worldwide, including companies such as Vista Equity Partners, Crossover and TIBCO, Criteria and its HireSelect platform offers a wide range of cognitive tests. Learn more about Criteria with

Criteria Cognitive Ability Test (CCAT)

The Criteria Cognitive Ability Test (CCAT) is a psychometric test that aims to evaluate cognitive abilities. This test assesses a candidate's ability to solve problems or analyze situations from a critical point of view and as well quantifies the learning ability speed. The CCAT includes three different types of questions, covering verbal, numerical and spatial reasoning abilities.

Vista Equity Partners

Vista Equity Partners is a US private equity and venture capital firm founded in 2000. For 20 years, it has been investing in enterprise software and the promotion of new start-ups. Nowadays Vista Equity Partners has over 500 employees in 5 offices and more than 50 software companies employing 65,000 people worldwide.


Crossover is an international recruitment platform with presence in 131 countries and founded in 2014. Crossover's aim is to recruit qualified individuals from around the world and to connect them with suitable companies looking to recruit. The offered jobs are always long-term, high-paying and full-time. Crossover also provides online management tools to manage the different aspects of teleworking, such as the WorkSmart management tool. Nowadays Crossover has more than 3,500 employees worldwide.