Practice Aptitude Tests


Cubiks Logiks

Cubiks Logiks is a set of aptitude, or ability, tests divided into two groups of difficulties including three categories of numerical, verbal and abstract practice tests and the questions are multiple-choice (MCQ).


Cubiks (PSI Services) is one of the world leading test editors. It is a key player in the field of talent management and human resources experts. Cubiks offers a wide range of assessment tools and is available in more than 50 countries.

Cubiks Personality Tests

Learn all you need to know about Cubiks personality tests (PAPI and Factors) with free online examples.

Cubiks Situational Judgement Tests

The Situational Judgment Test published by Cubiks allows the candidate to experience through the application what it is like to be within the job he/she is applying for, and thus to have a short overview of the position.